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ASEM -- After School Education Mentoring Program

Every day the Clay County African American Legacy is working to make a difference in our community. The CCAAL has partnered with the City of Liberty, William Jewell College, Target Corporation, and Liberty Public Schools through the Garrison School to create and implement programming that will improve the quality of education our youth receive. Most recently, the CCAAL began a program that will reach many of our students, the After School Education Mentoring Program.

The After School Education Mentoring Program (ASEM) is a tutoring and mentoring program for students in the core curriculum attending Liberty High School. The program will focus on four areas of student development: (1) Improvement of student ACT scores (2) Leadership training (3) Drug education and (4) Cultural enrichment.

Our students deserve every opportunity for achievement that we can provide. We invite you to become a part of this revolutionary program by giving donations to the CCAAL that will be converted into Missouri Department of Economics Tax Credits. This single action will fund the ASEM Program for two years, providing learning materials, computers, cultural enrichment activities and quality staffing.

How do tax credits work? Your donation first reduces your federal tax liability because the CCAAL is a 501c3 charitable organization. Because the CCAAL has been authorized by the Department of Economic Development to issue tax credits that will reduce the Missouri taxes owed by one-half of the amount donated you will receive a return on your donation of 50%. For example, if you owed $2,000 in Missouri taxes, a donation of $2,000 will reduce your tax amount owed by $1,000.

A quality education is one of the best gifts our community can offer our youth. The After School Education Mentoring Program will make a difference in the lives of dozens of students, giving them a brighter future. Thank you for your support of this project, of these students.